Reynolds Assurance Program

Your purchase of new Reynolds premium carbon fiber wheels is a sizeable investment worth protecting. The Reynolds Assurance Program is the most comprehensive protection program of its kind. It provides a 'no questions asked' level of protection above and beyond our limited warranty against defects in material and workmanship, and...

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2017 Reynolds Element Carbon Clincher Disc - Discounts Available!

Reynolds has developed, tested, raced, and refined the Element with relentless attention to detail for one reason: to go very, very fast. The result is a full carbon disc that provides every rider with incomparably low rolling resistance, exceptional torsional rigidity, and a drag coefficient that is measurably lower than...

$ 1,750.00

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2017 Reynolds Assault Gen 2 Carbon Clincher Wheel Set - Discounts Available!

As of May 2017, the Reynolds Assault and Strike wheels are back with a vengeance with some major "Gen 2" upgrades!  Reynolds wheels have always been known for their superior braking performance, thanks to their proprietary Cryo-Blue Power polymer brake pads. But with the Gen 2 Assault and Strike wheels,...

$ 1,800.00

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2014 Reynolds Stratus Sport Road Clincher Wheel Set - New - Full Warranty

This is an unused set of Reynolds performance road clincher. The Stratus Sport offers reliability and performance from an elite wheel manufacturer. The wheels have never been installed on a bike and come with all factory accessories. The Stratus Sport is designed to deliver solid specs and performance that rival...

$ 499.00 $ 225.00

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2017 Reynolds Attack Wheel Set - New - Full Warranty - Discounts Available!

The lightest and shallowest wheel in the Allroads line, it is designed to do exactly as it’s name implies, attack, especially when the road points skyward. The Attack offers a tubeless ready 25mm cross section for excellent lateral stiffness and to support a wide selection of tires for better tire...

$ 1,600.00 $ 1,599.00

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2017 Reynolds ATR Disc Wheel Set - Discounts Available!

All Terrain Road The ATR keeps going even when the smooth pavement doesn’t. This wheel is built on a robust, wide-profile carbon fiber rim to fit bigger all terrain tires, so you can explore back roads with great traction and comfort. The 24 steel spokes also add to the smooth...

$ 1,550.00

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2017 Reynolds Blacklabel 27.5 Downhill - Bernard Kerr Limited Edition - Discounts Available!

The new Reynolds 27.5 Downhill wheel combines relentless testing and refinement to offer the most stout, downhill wheels on the market. Some companies test their products by giving them to a caged bear, we give ours to Bernard Kerr, Pivot Downhiller. The asymmetric carbon rim allows more even spoke tension...

$ 2,600.00

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2017 Reynolds RZR 46 Tubular Wheel Set - Discounts Available!

Speed, Strength, and Awe-Inspiring Responsiveness Tipping the scales at a feathery 968g, the RZR® 46 is perhaps the lightest production wheel in the world and delivers speed, strength, and awe-inspiring responsiveness. Reynolds’ SLG technology provides an aero advantage as proven in the A2 Wind Tunnel, making this fast wheel even...

$ 4,500.00

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2016 Reynolds 72 Aero Carbon Clincher Rear Wheel - New - Full Warranty

The 72 AERO taps into the sweet spot of wheel depths. Whether on a rolling or wide open flat TT or Triathlon course the deeper rim picks up speed quickly, builds momentum, maintains speed and motors forward. With its superior control in cross winds the 72 AERO will be the sharpest arrow in...

$ 1,550.00 $ 999.00

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2017 Reynolds Aero 46 DB Carbon Clincher Wheel Set - Discounts Available!

The all-new 46 AERO DB takes the next step in aerodynamic performance by incorporating a versatile DET™ profile to lower drag and improve crosswind handling. The 19mm tubeless ready rim channel offers excellent fit for wider tires and this added width also bolsters lateral stiffness while enhancing overall ride quality....

$ 2,600.00

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