1. Brian Richards - Cofounder + VP of Sales. Brian is a 2-time Ironman finisher, father of two incredible mini triathletes, and proud to be chalk full of useful and useless bike knowledge! He's a former middle school English teacher of 12 years, who chose to jump off a cliff and start the bike revolution that is My Bike Shop!

2. J.Todd Smith - President. Get Todd on the phone, and you're in trouble: while the team at My Bike Shop includes pro-caliber riders, triathletes, coaches and incredibly knowledgeable staff, Todd is what they call a "newb". While he's learning (and loving!) cycling, he was brought to MBS for his ecomm and business background (he was named "Most Promising Social Entrepreneur in America" by Businessweek). If you get him on the line and you're looking to talk bikes or wheels, skip the formalities and ask for an expert. It won't hurt his feelings.


3. Logan Moreau - Lead Tech + Director of Operations. Logan is the lead mechanic and runs the operations at My Bike Shop. He has been servicing both new and old bicycles for over 7 years. After receiving his B.S. in Exercise Science from Salisbury University on the eastern shore of Maryland, he has continued to follow his passion for bicycles and the people in the cycling industry. When not wrenching on or shipping bicycles, you can find Logan obsessing over his dog or riding his Burley tandem with his girlfriend down a rail trail.

4. Lisa Hostetler - Head of Customer Experience. Lisa's background is in marketing and photography (she has done much of the photography on the website) but you could find her in the office answering the phone, tweaking our website or making customers feel comfortable and doing what it takes to make them happy. She loves to initiate change to make your experience warm and friendly. She is very passionate about her photography, tennis, mochas and, of course, BIKES!


5. KC Hill - Technician + Operations Associate. K.C. comes to us with great experience working on bikes and wheels. With a degree in physics and engineering, he was once on the NASA course, but instead chose to follow his love of bikes...and we're glad he did! K.C. enjoys vacations with family, riding (mountain is his preferred style), playing baseball, and volleyball, and working on bikes (of course).

6. Ben Bartlett - Sales + Customer Service. Ben Bartlett is a competitive triathlete with rich fitting and triathlete coaching experience. We are honored to have him on board. After a four year hiatus from competition, Ben recently placed 4th at Iron Man North Carolina. He'd probably be embarrassed by us telling you this, but he scored perfect on his verbal SATs. He's also fluent in Spanish and sweats a ton while riding on the trainer in our warehouse.

7. Tanner Oakes  Systems Architect. Tanner— among many hats— is the systems automation architect for My Bike Shop. This means that he constructs the backbones for the software that we use, and the framework on which day-to-day operations run. His development technique is simple: he pulls out a pan flute, and lines of code populate the world making life better for My Bike Shop customers. Not really — in actuality making things better for the team and people who support My Bike Shop is grueling work, but it’s worth it every time someone opens a box and meets their new ride.

8. The Rest of Our Team. We're moving to a new website soon and we promise to get to the rest of our squad : ) Things are super busy around here but we would love to tell you about a bio engineering grad from Duke who is a pro-caliber cyclist and the other incredibly interesting members of our team. Coming soon!